Hey, thanks for popping in! 😊

I am learning to be more enthusiastic about life and embrace things that I have been blessed with such as my hair + skin and body.

Those are three things that I have been insecure about almost my whole life because my hair is deemed “inappropriate” by some of my past teachers, friends and even the media and I haven’t had clear glowy skin in the longest time and I am trying my hardest to get back to that beautiful time when my face literally looked like it had a filter 😂.

Trust me, I’m still insecure about certain aspects of my hair and skin but this blog is all about instilling pride in myself and some other insecure turtles like myself to start embracing what we have been blessed with.

By the way, I have another blog which I don’t post on anymore Kinks and Coils, it is still up but I just felt like I needed a change so I launched a new blog.

I hope you enjoy your stay with me 💫 .

Karabo xx